Attacking AI Underneath the Prompt: LLMOps and Security

The current discussion about security AI is all about the prompt, a natural focal point: it’s the interface, generally available to the public and evoking the world’s imagination. We can clearly see the weaknesses: the ability to generate malicious content, the problems of data privacy, the threat of injection/exploitation, and general adversarial dialogue. But thisContinue reading “Attacking AI Underneath the Prompt: LLMOps and Security”

How do Small Teams have a Big Impact in Large Companies?

Sometimes it feels like we are swimming in a giant sea of products, people and teams. Other times we forget that there are oceans of activity going on all around us. Developing software in a large company comes with a unique set of challenges. For a small engineering team, having an org-scale impact can beContinue reading How do Small Teams have a Big Impact in Large Companies?

Grateful Leadership

Practicing values in the workplace is key to a healthy culture, but we tend to focus on those relating to communication, planning or practices. I like to also reflect on how our personal values translate into the workplace. Gratitude means being thankful by showing appreciation. When we practice gratitude, we channel our thanks into action.Continue reading “Grateful Leadership”

The Overview Effect (in Software)

The Overview Effect is a cognitive shift that is reported by astronauts when they see the earth from outer space for the first time. It is a change brought on by experiencing the world differently. Strongly held beliefs unfold. A new mental state is acquired from seeing the whole, after a life spent living inContinue reading “The Overview Effect (in Software)”

Software Development and the Psychology of Money

I picked up The Psychology of Money because it’s light, had pretty good reviews and looked like a quick read. All of these promises came true, but I didn’t expect to apply the lessons to software! The book mainly revolves around two things that are hard to integrate into our every day thinking – 1)Continue reading “Software Development and the Psychology of Money”